06 April 2008


The Matinee performance was pretty chill/dope & all that shit.

In between shows people were trying to play capture the flag again but a bunch of people left and it just ended up being all the teckies and kyle.. which is fine but it wasn't as bomb as last week. Soo. lauren & i were chillin in the pit and pickle started playing some booomb music that we'd never heard in our entire lives! It was so loud that everything was vibrating..annnd dude gave us our own light show..it was super chill ..then the capture the flag game was over and we danced on stage to pickle's crazy music with trippy lights.
Pep talk from miss. Z
the closing night show turned out sooo well
i feel like everybody pumped it up a bunch because they knew it was over
+for bows we all threw our hats in the air lol

CAST PARTY.. :] yeaa
sleep @ 3:30AM