16 April 2008

Choir trip '08

Sooo... last weekend.. two of the three traveling choirs went to San Fransisco/ Oakland/ Hayward lol

It started with a long ass bus ride(7 hours) on thursday..

on friday,we had breakfast at the hotel and we listened to two of mount eden's choirs

& i met some guy with the same sunglasses as me.. it was ironic because their choir director (who has this weird collection of ABC gum...... didnt show up that day and everybody saw a guy getting head from a twelve year old who skipped off like she just got paid
that night we went to see the San Fransisco girls choir at the palace hotel in a high key legit area in SF.. but before that Natalie & i walked around the hotel like we owned it lmaaoo

umm.. saturday we had a clinic for four hours (2 hours women's A, 2 hours chamber) with this amazing woman who was just super dope

umm saw skinny minny Kat de luna at the mall but noody in the choirs knew who she was..
and that night we performed for people's family members who lived in SF
After the performance everybody went to ghirardelli square[ the ice cream was bomb as fuck! you have to go there before you die!! i got a sundae with butter pecan and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream chopped almonds and a cherry on top]

& then Maddy was freaking out cause she couldnt leave San fran without having clam chowder in a bread bowl
..letting high school kids out at night by the wharf wasnt the best idea tho..but the these two dudes who came over to take pictures with us didnt seem to mind that we were under aged and offered to by natalie a drink..whoop whoop
sunday.. bus ride home and about 100 games of have you ever