20 May 2008

lex noname raps about yhanni?

She may not be a hottie, she may not have "the body", but my girl Yhanni, can pass off for a Saudi, same race as Osama, laced with a comma(,) got a taste for that drama, in the race with Obama, dread locks fawlin all over me, When she takes her clothes off.., you know I hope I see, ((her, when she puts them back on)),
I can't afford what the government might tack on....
part-of-me-saw, child pornography laws, comin, so they could audit my song... so.... I changed it, me and Yhannia rearranged it, you wanna hear some strange shit, we both got our eggs split, from the same dic.......tator, black like darth vader, so... I paid her, impregnate-her, then ran like Ralph Nader

she'll Pay the expenses for 18 years, then offer me half, ask me for Child support? and I'll probably laugh, stop him he's fast, dip in a car, and find a hoe to offer me gas, the Prostitutes like, "I don't know about that, but I had him he lasts" I'll feel down ur girl and tell her it's anatomy class, "Spield-burg" on that hoe, I make acadamy cash, NASCAR on em' the only dude that's ahead-of-me's last,

I'm in first place, my shit is first rate, so tell me why I couldn't get a kiss on the first date, "fishy a** girl, ur shit's not worth bait!" Olsen twinz like, take Mary but please don't hurt -Kate, My ego is equivilant to the earth's wight, makin girls drop faster than China's female Birth Rate.....