20 April 2008

Revelations- DAY 3

On the morning of DAY 3 we were to get to the hotel at 8 45 and if not the buses would leave without us. We went up in the mountains in Malibu, which was a little scary because we were on these kinda large tour buses.. Once we got there we all sat in front of a stage on this gorgeous open property owned by the grand daughter of somebody wright. It was hilarious cause the primaries were sitting in the front row and this Native American peace keeper, Blue Thunder, was burning sage and they were all coughing and giggling and saying that it smelt nasty..

I spotted a huuuuuuge rock that looked like a wolf howling at the moon.
After a really healthy lunch, we went to the medicine wheel.. there were blue rocks for water, white for air, brown for the earth and red for fire. We stomped around it and Blue Thunder told us to stomp our love for the earth and everything she give us into the ground. Afterwards everybody got blessed sage from the mountain.

The view was gorgeous. Imagine waking up and seeing this..

When we got back Dj quess and Dj keelu (spelling?) were there. They taught me at DJ camp and i was suuper excited to see them again. To excited to take pictures. They did a workshop on basic DJing stuff and a little bit of hip hop history. Since I knew what they were teaching already I got to be the leader of a crew.. It was all ladies and we called ourselves the divine feminine. After that we had a banquet because it was the last full day of revelations.

After dinner the teens got to ask seven elders questions about anything. We got back at 1 22.