20 April 2008

revelations- DAY2

I don't know how the morning of DAY 2 started because I was at school. But it was all good because we got out at noon for open house. When I got there J.U.I.C.E. (Justice by Uniting In Creative Energy) was there. Which is a cool group of all races with two b-boys and girls, a DJ and a MC. They were pretty much a crew and a youth group. They split us up into a DJ group, MC group and a break dancing group. I DJed. At the end of the workshop we got to showcase our new knowledge in a freestyle, cypher, scratch session.

Then we went back into the room and separated into our galaxies..&& Lisa Nicolas came! She's a public speaker I guess? she usually gets paid $30,000 every time she speaks but she did it free for us. No pictures cause it was to amazing. She was the main reason why I felt so peaceful and free after revelations because we got into groups and said stuff about us that nobody really knows. It was like a weight off of my shoulders.
& Before you knew it, it was 9 something and it was almost time for heartbeat/open mic and frina & I had to get ready. We went on at 10 15. It turned out amazing and I was soo happy when people came up to us and were like that was great! It showed that all our hard work had paid off and Elizabeth, who also danced that night, invited me to dance with MOA(movement of agape). We got home at 1 30.